purity preferred

Better CBD Begins With Better Seeds

High-quality CBD begins with high-quality seed genetics. Our proprietary hemp genetics have been meticulously bred leveraging more than 25 years of experience. Our team was awarded 2018 “Growers of the Year” by Indo Expo for their innovative hemp seeds that vegetate and flower better than other seeds on the market.

Grown In The USA

Purity Preferred owns and operates hemp farms and greenhouses in California, Colorado, Minnesota, Maryland, and West Virginia. Our wide matrix of scalable acreage and enclosed greenhouses allows us to research new farming techniques and technologies, without jeopardizing quality and reliability.


Extraction & Processing

Purity Preferred’s hemp goes through an extraction process that separates CBD oil from the rest of the plant material. Because our extraction process removes THC and other unnecessary fats and waxes from the oil, our broad-spectrum CBD is as pure as possible, with 0% THC.

CBD Formulation & Potency

Purity Preferred Pet Calming and Hip & Joint formulas have a proprietary blend of broad-spectrum and nano CBD for rapid absorption. When it comes to CBD, potency is key. All of our products are available in a variety of CBD levels, so you can choose the potency that’s right for your pet’s size and symptoms.


The Benefits of Moringa Oil

We’ve added Moringa oil to both Purity Preferred Pet formulations for additional support. A natural way to help support a normal inflammatory responsees to help promote optimal health.

The benefits of krill oil

Both Purity Preferred Pet formulations contain krill oil, a powerful natural antioxidant that help support for a normal inflammatory response and improve short and long-term cognitive ability forfurther support.


The benefits of copaiba

Purity Preferred Pet Hip & Joint formulation contains Copaiba, an essential oil that has been used in traditional medicine as support for a normal inflammatory response agent, for additional reduced inflammation and support.

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