How to Bring a Kitten Into a Home With Other Cats

For cat lovers, there are few things more exciting than bringing home a new kitten, but if you already have cats, it’s important to follow the right steps to make sure the kitten is properly socialized with and accepted by your other pets. Here are five things you need to know about how to train a kitten and help them acclimate to their new environment.

1. Get Your Home Ready

Before bringing your kitten home, get your home ready by turning a spare bedroom or the utility room into a private kitten zone by outfitting the area with bedding, water and food bowls, a separate litter box, and toys. After giving the kitten an overview of your living quarters, keep them in this separate room for the first week or two so they will stop smelling like the breeder or shelter they came from and start smelling more like your home. That will make them appear less threatening to your current cats.

2. Schedule a Vet Visit

Before introducing your kitten to the rest of the brood, take them to the vet to make sure they don’t have any underlying health issues that could affect your other cats. This will help safeguard them from sicknesses and diseases.

3. Gradually Introduce the Cats’ Scents to Each Other

Rub your kitten’s scent into a cloth and place it in the room where your other cats are staying so they get used to the smell. (Repeat the process to help your kitten acclimate to the scent of your other cats.) Once they are comfortable with each other’s scent, let the cats and kitten explore each other’s living spaces on their own.

4. Introduce the Cats to Each Other

Once you think your cats are ready for their first face-to-face encounter with the new kitten, introduce them to each other through a barrier like a baby gate or pet carrier. Watch them throughout the process to ensure it goes smoothly. Don’t be alarmed if they start hissing or growling; they’re just sizing each other up and establishing which one is dominant.

If the cats react to each other well, repeat the process the next day during dinner, since that’s when they will be the most relaxed. Repeat the process over the next few days in a controlled and monitored setting to ensure they get more comfortable spending time together. Don’t be discouraged if this takes some time; helping your cats learn to tolerate each other can be a tedious process — especially if you have an older cat. You can help the process go more smoothly by petting each cat equally and giving them the same amount of treats to let them know you don’t favor one over the other.

5. Invest in Some Calming Products

Moving to a new home can be a stressful experience for a kitten. Make the transition smoother by using Purity Preferred CBD to help promote calmness and tranquility. Use the products as directed over the first few days to help your kitten feel more at home in the new surroundings, and keep products on hand to use down the road whenever the kitten seems to feel anxious. 

By following these tried-and-true tips, you can help your cats get used to your new kitten — and help your kitten grow up to be a well-adjusted feline.

Rebekah Bell is a writer who lives in Los Angeles.



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