How to Make Your Apartment Cat-Friendly

Cats are extremely sensitive to their environment, whatever the surroundings. It’s important to bear this in mind before bringing one into your apartment, so you have to accept that a confined indoor living space is unnatural for an animal that is wild by nature. If you want to make your cat feel at home, and encourage it to flourish physically and mentally, try these simple steps to setting up your apartment to make your cat feel at home.

Take Care of the Litter Box

Satisfying your cat’s physiological needs should be the priority before addressing their emotional wellbeing. That means providing a safe place for them to have access to food and water, and a litter box if there is no cat flap to go outside. Most cats will remain withdrawn and elusive until they are comfortable with their food and litter setup. Keep their food and water bowl away from entrances or high-traffic areas, and well away from their litter tray. Once you’re satisfied that your cat is eating and relieving itself normally, it’s time to proceed to the fun.

Many experts recommend more than one litter box, especially if you have more than one cat.

Let Your Cats Have Fun With Toys

Cats having fun is an entertainment genre of its own on YouTube and social media. A relaxed cat needs little encouragement to jump at objects dangled within their reach, or leap at lights or reflections on the wall. For that reason, make sure you provide plenty of toys, ideally prey-sized to stimulate their hunting instincts. Furry toys, ribbons and balls will all hit the spot. Keep a few back for special occasions to keep them getting bored. Puzzle feeders will also spice up their feeding routine, since eating the same cat foods twice a day represents little challenge for a finely tuned hunting machine.

Add Some Cool Furniture for Cats

To stimulate your cat, and save your own furniture, invest in some textured cat furniture that lets them scratch, climb, hide and play. Cats love a high resting place with a good vantage point, so leave some shelf space free or create a cat podium. Back on ground level, cats can’t resist a tunnel, igloo or simple cardboard box with ribbons or cloth inside.

Remember that exciting furniture only fulfills one need. Ensure that your cat also has some familiar, comforting blankets or cushions they can retreat to. Cats like to mark their territory and build up their scent over an area that feels their own.

Set the Mood With Cat Home Decorations

You might dream of a minimalist apartment with plenty of clean lines, but that won’t impress your cat. Cats like camouflage, patterns and a mix of textures. They like to rub against edges and corners, and find elusive corners to retreat to, so raid your local pet supply store for boxes, mobiles and other cat home decorations on a feline theme. Indoor plants, especially catnip or cat grass, will get plenty of attention. Cats use certain grasses to maintain a healthy gut, but watch out for poisonous ones.

Help Your Cat Relax

Providing your cat with a quiet place to retreat to gives them a vital resource for collecting their thoughts and escaping from noise or commotion. Purity Preferred CBD products may also help a cat cope with external stresses and maintain calmness until they are sufficiently comfortable with new or strange surroundings.

Resist the temptation to check on or monitor a newly installed cat repeatedly. Let your cat find its bearings, secure safe spots, and reassure itself that your home is comfortable and secure.

As far as your cat is concerned, you are the one encroaching on its space, so give it time to work out how to accommodate you. Take care of its essential needs, and treat it to some fun furniture and distracting decorations, and the two of you should be able to live together contentedly, even in a small apartment. 



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