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best dog food for arthritis dog food for joints

4 Simple Tips for Caring for a Dog…

Wondering how to promote joint health for dogs? These simple adjustments to your dog’s diet and lifestyle will ease his discomfort and keep him healthy and active.

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signs your dog is getting old

Should You Take Your Elder Dog on a…

As your dog enters their golden years, you may wonder whether you should continue doing the things together that you love, like going for your usual runs and hikes. If […]

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what age is a dog considered a senior

Signs Your Dog Is Aging — and What…

As your dog ages, the way you care for him has to adapt. Discover the tell-tale signs of old age in dogs and how to adjust your pet’s lifestyle to keep him happy and healthy as he ages.

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how can you tell if a dog has reached an unsafe level of fatigue

How Much Exercise Does a Puppy Need?

A puppy might appear to be a whirlwind of energy, but it still needs structured exercise. How much exercise does a puppy need — and how much is too much? Here’s how to ease your pup safely into walking and play time.

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cool cat furniture

How to Make Your Apartment Cat-Friendly

Sharing your living space with a cat can sometimes seem like a battle of wills, but harmony is in your hands. Here’s how to create a cat-friendly apartment that you can both enjoy.

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signs of stress in dogs

The Top 6 Signs Your Dog Is Stressed

If your dog is showing signs of anxiety or stress, there are several steps you can take to promote a more relaxed state. Here’s how to identify and calm down a dog that is displaying evidence of stress.

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how to house train a puppy

How to House-Train a Puppy

To learn key puppy training tips that can help your dog in no time, read on! Everything from building a routine to using calming CBD oil can help.

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how to tell if your dog is sick

A Vet Shares 10 Ways to Tell Your…

The big question many pet owners have is how to tell if their dog is sick. During their lifetime, dogs can show different symptoms that may suggest a serious disease. Check out our blog to see 10 signs that your dog may be sick.

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how to introduce a cat to a dog

A Vet Shares How to Socialize a Cat…

When learning how to socialize a cat with a dog there can be some challenges. Especially when trying to get your dog to accept a cat. Check out this article for helpful tips and tricks for success.

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